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Farm Household Support Act 2014 (Cth)

Description: A short description of the legislation.

The object of this Act is to improve the financial situation of farmers and their partners, who need financial assistance, by providing them with financial assistance that consists of:

(a) farm household allowance for up to 4 years in each specified 10 year period; and

(b) funding to engage in certain activities; and

© funding to obtain a farm financial assessment.

Application to Australian agriculture: Where the legislation is applicable.

The FHA recognises the unique circumstances of Australian farming families and the importance of supporting and maintaining the production of food and fibre production, such as in periods of drought and hardship.

Compliance information: Often the evidence of compliance against a piece of legislation is that there is not a breach of the Act. Where appropriate, the developers of this database have listed evidence which could be used to show compliance if a breach was to be found. Many Best Management Practice (BMP) schemes and other certifications in Australian agriculture include this evidence for accreditation.

The following documentation/information is required to provide evidence of compliance.

Farmers are aware of the FHA and can access it if needed.

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