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Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991

Description: A short description of the legislation.

The object of this Act is to ensure a high standard of public health protection throughout Australia and New Zealand by means of the establishment and operation of a joint body to be known as Food Standards Australia New Zealand to achieve the following goals: (a) a high degree of consumer confidence in the quality and safety of food produced, processed, sold or exported from Australia and New Zealand; (b) an effective, transparent and accountable regulatory framework within which the food industry can work efficiently; © the provision of adequate information relating to food to enable consumers to make informed choices; (d) the establishment of common rules for both countries and the promotion of consistency between domestic and international food regulatory measures without reducing the safeguards applying to public health and consumer protection.

Application to Australian agriculture: Where the legislation is applicable.

To be sustainable, Australian agriculture must ensure outputs are safe for consumers. This legislation ensures food and fiber produced in Australia are produced, packaged, and distributed to world-leading standards of safety.

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