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Education and Training Reform Act 2006
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: VIC

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 is legislation enacted in Victoria, Australia, to govern education and training systems. It provides the framework for the administration, regulation, and improvement of schools, vocational education, and training (VET), and higher education sectors. The Act establishes standards for curriculum development, student assessment, teacher registration, and school governance. It promotes equity, quality, and accountability in education delivery, fostering lifelong learning and workforce development. By ensuring compliance with educational standards and supporting innovation and improvement initiatives, the Act contributes to the advancement of education and training outcomes across Victoria.

Further Education and Training Act 2014
Type: State/Territory Legislation,

The Queensland Further Education and Training Act 2014 is legislation aimed at regulating and promoting high-quality education and training opportunities across Queensland, Australia. It outlines the framework for the governance, funding, and delivery of vocational education and training (VET) programs. The Act sets standards for registered training organizations (RTOs), apprenticeships, and traineeships, ensuring they meet quality assurance requirements. It also establishes mechanisms for industry engagement and collaboration to align training with workforce needs. By fostering a skilled workforce and supporting lifelong learning, the Act contributes to Queensland’s economic development and social well-being.