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Environment Protection Act 2019
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: NT

To protect the environment and ensure actions do not have an “unacceptable impact on the environment, now or in the future”. Take into account the impact of a changing climate when planning, assessing, and executing proposed actions. The Act establishes an Environmental Offsets Framework to promote the avoidance, mitigation, and management of environmental impacts associated with developments/other activities. The Act requires project developers to go through environmental impact assessments and obtain Ministerial approvals for certain proposed actions.

Environment Protection Act 1997
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: ACT

The Act provides a regulatory framework to help reduce and eliminate the discharge of pollutants into the air, land, and water. Objects of the Act include to protect and enhance the quality of the environment. to prevent environmental degradation and risk of harm to human health by promoting pollution prevention, clean production technology, reuse and recycling of materials and waste minimisation programs. The Act requires people who engage in pollutant activities to make progressive environmental improvements, and is administered by the Environment Protection Authority.

Nature Conservation Act 2014
P4 P5
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: ACT

The Act is the chief legislation for the protection of native plants and animals in the ACT and for the management of the conservation reserve network. The Act protects native plants and animals, and provides management authority for conservation lands. It provides the legal underpinning of nature conservation policy, management and action across the Territory.

Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: TAS

The Act is the primary environmental protection and pollution control legislation in Tasmania. It is a performance-based style of legislation, with the fundamental basis being the prevention, reduction and remediation of environmental harm. The focus of the Act is on preventing environmental harm from pollution and waste.