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Holidays Act 1958

Description: A short description of the legislation.

The Australian Capital Territory Holidays Act 1958 is legislation that outlines the public holidays observed in the ACT. It establishes the dates of these holidays and provisions for holiday pay and entitlements. The Act also governs public holiday trading hours and provides guidelines for employers and employees regarding their rights and obligations on public holidays. By ensuring consistency and fairness in the observance of public holidays, the Act contributes to work-life balance and supports the well-being of workers in the Australian Capital Territory.

Application to Australian agriculture: Where the legislation is applicable.

The Australian Capital Territory Holidays Act 1958 impacts the agricultural industry by governing public holidays and holiday entitlements for workers. It ensures that agricultural workers receive fair compensation and time off during public holidays, contributing to their well-being and work-life balance while supporting productivity and sustainability in the sector.

Compliance information: Often the evidence of compliance against a piece of legislation is that there is not a breach of the Act. Where appropriate, the developers of this database have listed evidence which could be used to show compliance if a breach was to be found. Many Best Management Practice (BMP) schemes and other certifications in Australian agriculture include this evidence for accreditation.

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