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Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 No.80

Description: A short description of the legislation.

The New South Wales Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 is legislation designed to regulate and facilitate apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements within the state. It outlines the legal framework for the registration, approval, and administration of apprenticeships and traineeships, ensuring compliance with training standards, employment conditions, and dispute resolution mechanisms. The Act aims to promote skill development, employment opportunities, and industry growth by providing a structured pathway for individuals to acquire vocational qualifications and practical experience. It fosters partnerships between employers, training providers, and apprentices/trainees, contributing to a skilled workforce and economic development in New South Wales.

Application to Australian agriculture: Where the legislation is applicable.

The NSW Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 impacts the agricultural industry by facilitating apprenticeships and traineeships in various agricultural sectors. It sets standards for training, skill development, and employment conditions, ensuring a skilled workforce for agricultural enterprises. This promotes innovation, productivity, and sustainability within the agricultural industry in New South Wales.

Compliance information: Often the evidence of compliance against a piece of legislation is that there is not a breach of the Act. Where appropriate, the developers of this database have listed evidence which could be used to show compliance if a breach was to be found. Many Best Management Practice (BMP) schemes and other certifications in Australian agriculture include this evidence for accreditation.

The following documentation/information is required to provide evidence of compliance.

(1) Apprenticeship and Traineeship Contracts (2) Training Plans (3) Evidence of Delivery and Assessment (4) Proof of Completion

Additional information: The entity this legislation originates from.

Training Services NSW, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network →

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