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Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: VIC

The purpose of this Act is to—

    (a)     prevent cruelty to animals; and

    (b)     to encourage the considerate treatment of animals; and

    (c)     to improve the level of community awareness about the prevention of cruelty to animals.
Animal Protection Act 2018
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: NT

The objects of this Act are:(a) to ensure that animals are treated humanely; and (b) to prevent cruelty to animals; and © to promote community awareness about responsibilities and legal obligations associated with the care and protection of animals; and (d) to regulate the activities of persons who use animals for scientific purposes.

Animal Welfare Act 1992
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: ACT

The main objects of this Act are to recognise that— (a) animals are sentient beings that are able to subjectively feel and perceive the world around them; and (b) animals have intrinsic value and deserve to be treated with compassion and have a quality of life that reflects their intrinsic value; and © people have a duty to care for the physical and mental welfare of animals. (2) This is to be achieved particularly by— (a) promoting and protecting the welfare of animals; and (b) providing for the proper and humane care, management and treatment of animals; and © deterring and preventing animal cruelty and the abuse and neglect of animals; and (d) enforcing laws about the matters mentioned in paragraphs (a), (b) and ©.

Animal Welfare Act 2002
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: WA

The objects of this Part are — (a) to promote and protect the welfare, safety and health of animals; and (b) to ensure animals are properly and humanely treated, cared for and managed.

Animal Welfare Act 1993
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: TAS

Dictates animal management and care standards in Tasmania.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 No 200
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: NSW

The objects of this Act are— (a) to prevent cruelty to animals, and (b) to promote the welfare of animals by requiring a person in charge of an animal— (i) to provide care for the animal, and (ii) to treat the animal in a humane manner, and (iii) to ensure the welfare of the animal, and © to promote the welfare of dogs and cats by requiring information about them to be provided when they are advertised for sale.

Animal Welfare Act 1985
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: SA

This Act governs the treatment of animals in South Australia

Animal Care and Protection Act 2001
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: Qld

The purposes of this Act are to do the following— (a) promote the responsible care and use of animals; (b) provide standards for the care and use of animals that— (i) achieve a reasonable balance between the welfare of animals and the interests of persons whose livelihood is dependent on animals; and (ii) allow for the effect of advancements in scientific knowledge about animal biology and changes in community expectations about practices involving animals; © protect animals from unjustifiable, unnecessary or unreasonable pain; (d) ensure the use of animals for scientific purposes is accountable, open and responsible.