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Imported Food Control Act 1992
Federal Legislation,

The object of this Act is to provide for the compliance of food imported into Australia with Australian food standards and the requirements of public health and safety.

Our imported food laws include: Imported Food Control Act 1992 Imported Food Control Order 2019 Imported Food Control Regulations 2019. This legislation establishes our Imported Food Inspection Scheme (IFIS). It also sets out the compliance requirements for imported food.

Through our scheme, we inspect imported food to check it: - meets Australian requirements for public health and safety - complies with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - complies with the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016

Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988
State/Territory Legislation,

The Act establishes a legal and administrative structure to enable and promote the conservation of Victoria’s native flora and fauna. It also provides a choice of procedure which can be used for the conservation and management of threatened species and communities.

The Act provides for the listing of threatened communities of flora, fauna and potentially threatening processes. Recent changes in 2020 gives effect to a consistent national approach to assessing and listing threatened species using the common assessment method (CAM) and, modernises the Act’s enforcement framework to include stronger penalties.

Biosecurity Act 2015
Federal Legislation,

The Biosecurity Act explains how biosecurity threats to plant, animal and human health in Australia and its external territories are managed.

Conservation and Land Management Act 1984
State/Territory Legislation,

An Act to make better provision for the use, protection and management of certain public lands and waters and the flora and fauna thereof, to establish the Conservation and Parks Commission, and for incidental or connected purposes.

Environmental Protection Act 1986
State/Territory Legislation,

The Act provides for “the prevention, control and abatement of pollution and environmental harm, for the conservation, preservation, protection, enhancement and management of the environment and for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing”.

To protect the environment of the State by taking into consideration 5 key principles. 1: Precautionary principle, 2: intergenerational equity, 3: conservation of biological diversity and ecological integrity, 4: improved valuation, pricing, and incentive mechanisms, 5: principle of waste minimisation.