Sustainability-related Regulations Database

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Further Education and Training Act 2014
Type: State/Territory Legislation,

The Queensland Further Education and Training Act 2014 is legislation aimed at regulating and promoting high-quality education and training opportunities across Queensland, Australia. It outlines the framework for the governance, funding, and delivery of vocational education and training (VET) programs. The Act sets standards for registered training organizations (RTOs), apprenticeships, and traineeships, ensuring they meet quality assurance requirements. It also establishes mechanisms for industry engagement and collaboration to align training with workforce needs. By fostering a skilled workforce and supporting lifelong learning, the Act contributes to Queensland’s economic development and social well-being.

Nature Conservation Act 1992
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: Qld

The object of this Act is the conservation of nature while allowing for the involvement of indigenous people in the management of protected areas in which they have an interest under Aboriginal tradition or Island custom. The Act makes provisions to conserve and protect fauna, flora, and geological diversity found within the State. It makes provisions to categorises flora and fauna into three categories: ‘Vulnerable’, ‘Endangered’, and ‘Presumed Extinct’. A full list of threatened species updated monthly in the Threatened Species Listing Report.

Heritage Act 1977
Type: State/Territory Legislation,
State: NSW

The objective of this Act is to protect and conserve environmental items of State or Local Heritage significance in NSW through the operation and establishment of the Heritage Council.